About Me

Hi, my name is Fran├žois, and I have been passionate about violin playing since I can remember. I was so excited at 5 that I kept asking my mother to get me violin lessons while I was playing with a piece of wood and mimicking Yehudi Menuhin… This was Tchaikovsky air-violin, a world first! Fast forward now: I have studied the violin for many years at the Conservatory in France: a regular path for many classical musicians. And I have discovered and fallen in love with jazz at the same time. So I started to play the guitar as well. I did classical gigs on the violin and blues and jazz on the guitar…

One day, it struck me: I need, rather I should combine the two! I started to play jazz and blues on the violin while still playing classical music on the side. I went to London and did many gigs in clubs: jazz gigs, even blues gigs! Of course, as many jam sessions as I could. I have developed a particular method to understand and apply blues and pentatonic scales on the violin.

While living that marvelous life of improvising and playing everywhere, I met my mentor, a classical violinist virtuoso, pupil, and mentee of Leonid Kogan. Consequently, I stopped my career for six whole months to start learning the violin again according to the principles of the great Russian school. Then I applied everything I have learned so far and incorporated it in every note of music I played. That is to say classical music, jazz, and blues with my now perfected technique.

My mentor playing a magical duet with his teacher and mentor, the late great Leonid Kogan
My mentor under the benevolent scrutiny of his teacher: Leonid Kogan

This is what I want to share with you on that small website: good vibe, music, free mind, with of course scores, and music files to download.